This family has struggled with mold in their apartment (near 51st and NW Radial) for a long time. They reported asking maintenance for help many times (as they have mold and water damage throughout their apartment from leaking ceilings and walls), but no one came to fix anything. Video taken February 2019.

This tenant has been struggling with serious flooding issues in their apartment (near 50th and L street) for over a year. Many of their belongings have been destroyed. Picture and video taken February 2019.




Tenant moved into this unit near 45th and Hamilton not knowing it was infested with mice and cockroaches. During their first night, mice were running throughout the apartment all night long. Imagine if you rented an apartment, and on your FIRST NIGHT mice came out in hoards and kept you from sleeping. Not only that, but imagine going to cook in your kitchen and finding that all your pots, pans, and cooking utensils were surrounded by mouse feces and urine. This was reality for this family. It took over four months of solid advocacy work from a church to finally get the landlord to get the infestations under some control. When pest control finally came, huge holes were found under cabinets, by the window, and in the boiler room. The family is currently reporting (February 2019) that they are still struggling with mice and cockroaches. Pictures taken November 2018 and January 2019.

Tenants moved into this home near 40th and Pratt in this condition. It took an advocacy group getting involved to get these issues fixed. The amount of peeling paint was a health hazard, and the little ones in the home ended up testing positive for lead. Pictures taken November 2018.

Picture just in from a rental home near 48th and Ames. The sinks are horribly corroded. The family has also been having toilet problems for ten months and have been asking their landlord to fix it, but no one comes. Picture taken February 2019.

Conditions in multiple apartments off of 63rd and Taylor. Pictures taken February 2019. In three different apartments, multiple windows will not shut, so tenants have to shove foam and clothing into the gap to keep the winter air out.

IMG_7113 2
The hallway handrail broke. The solution? Tape.
IMG_5746 2
Badly deteriorated windows outside of an apartment.
IMG_5584 2
This bathroom ceiling has been leaking for a while.
IMG_5166 2
Exposed wiring.
IMG_0343 2
Exposed wiring and broken drywall.
IMG_5124 2
This sink leaks so bad the family has two containers under it to catch the leaking water.
IMG_1565 2
Sink is corroding
IMG_6343 2
Window will not shut – family has to put foam in the gaps
IMG_7070 2
Another window that will not shut

A tenant living in a large apartment complex near 45th and Hamilton sent in these pictures. It’s being reported that there’s only one dumpster available for the hundreds of people living there.

It is also being reported that no ice melt is being put down by the landlord.

Pictures taken February 2019.