Think housing issues only happen in north and east Omaha? Think again. These pictures were just sent in and were taken March 2019. This is from a complex near 108th and Dodge. Tenants are reporting that repairs are not being made.




We’ve got “Best of Omaha” awards. How about “Worst of Omaha” awards? We nominate this apartment bathtub for the “Worst caulk job ever.” Apartment near 48th and Boyd. Picture taken February 2019.

IMG_8657 3.JPG

We’ve never given an award before on #wedontslum, but there’s a first for everything. Here is the award for the worst caulk just we’ve ever seen. This is in an apartment off of 44th and Cuming Street.

image (11).jpg
Wait, what? Who did this? 
image (12).jpg
More bad caulking. Tenant reporting that the loose bathroom tiles are growing mold behind them that is impossible to get cleaned out. 
image (13).jpg
Huge gap in the back door where you can see the outdoors. Who needs windows when you’ve got a view like this? 

Rental near 47th and Lafayette with issues throughout.

image (4).jpg
Furnace not working correctly. Tenant reports that air was leaking out of furnace and that it was not sealed properly. 
image (5).jpg
Stove ventilation was loose and coming out. Maintenance came to fix by putting steel wool around the holes, but it didn’t fix the issue, as the ventilation was still loose and was not properly ventilating. 
image (6).jpg
Throughout home, the carpet was not properly tacked down and was a tripping hazard for tenants. 
image (7).jpg
Instead of fixing the window, plywood was installed by maintenance and was painted white inside, to make it look like it was a normal part of the home. 
image (9).jpg
The transition piece was not properly installed and tenants reported stepping on uneven screws and tripping over raised metal piece. 

These pictures taken right off of 36th and Dodge street. Taken March 2019.

image (3).jpg
Major crack along foundation of building. The outside sunlight can be seen peering through the wall. 
image (2).jpg
Behind the bathtub the wall has crumbled and light from another room can be seen coming into the bathroom. 

Just got these pictures in. Taken March 2019. Water has been pouring into the entry way of an apartment building near 22nd and Jones Street. What can be seen on the wall is the frozen water from the leak. image.jpg

Tenant living in North Omaha shared these pictures and videos. The tenant’s roof leaked so profusely that the dining room ceiling collapsed. Tenant has been trying to get the landlord to fix the roof for two months. The bathroom toilet has also been leaking into the basement, causing water damage.

Update: After this tenant reported these issues to Omaha’s City Code department, the landlord attempted to evict them.