Making an Omaha City Code Complaint via Email

How to Make an Omaha City Code Complaint via Email

Making a city code complaint by email requires the following information:

  • Name (can be your name or the name of an advocate)
  • Phone number (can be your phone number or the phone number of an advocate)
  • Address (MUST be the address where city code will come and inspect)
  • List or explanation of the problems going on
  • Pictures or videos (optional)

City Code Email:

Due to a consent decree passed in 2015 (by landlords), City Code is required to give the name and phone number of the person making the complaint to the landlord within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. This can be intimidating to tenants. However, do not think that you have to do this alone! Advocates can put their name and phone number down on complaints, on your behalf. That way the landlord receives the name and phone number of the advocate, and not you. It is 100% legal for a third-party (advocate) to give their name and phone number on a complaint, for the protection of the tenant. 

Here is a sample email if you are using your own name and phone number:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.41.44 PM

Here is the text if you’d like to copy and paste:

Dear City Code,

My name is Jane Doe and I live at: 1234 Main Street. My phone number is: 402-555-5555.
My landlord will not fix my ceiling. It has been leaking for a month and I can see mold on the ceiling. I’m afraid it might collapse. Also, when I moved in there were mice and cockroaches and the landlord will not come and spray. I’m also having issues with the handrail in the hallway. It’s broken and no one can use it when walking up the stairs. I’ve told my landlord about these problems but they won’t fix things. When they did come one time to fix something, they charged me for the repair, and it wasn’t my fault.
I’ve attached pictures of the issues in my apartment.
I work the night shift, so please call me between 11:00am and 3:00pm to setup a time to come out.
Thank you,
Jane Doe

Here is a sample email if an advocate is submitting the request:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.50.56 PM

Here is the text if you’d like to copy and paste:

Dear City Code,

My name is John Doe and I am advocating for Jane Doe. Please use my name and phone number for this complaint: John Doe, 402-555-6666. Jane Doe’s address is: 1234 Main Street.
Jane Doe is having serious issues in her apartment. The ceiling has been leaking for over a month and the landlord will not come to fix it. The leaking water has destroyed her mattress and she had to throw it away last week. When I went and looked at the ceiling, it looks like it might collapse. Plus there is mold growing, and her kids have been coughing a lot at night when they sleep in the bedroom. Jane’s apartment is infested with cockroaches and mice. They are catching up to 4 mice a night and her neighbors have the same issue. When I was walking to Jane’s apartment, the handrail leading up to her apartment is broken. Jane has told me that she has contacted her landlord, but they are not coming out to fix anything. Also, they charge her when they do come out to fix things, even if the things they fix are not her fault. And they do not shovel the snow or put ice melt down, and many tenants have fallen.
I’ve attached pictures of the issues in Jane’s apartment.
Jane works the night shift, so please call her between 11:00am and 3:00pm to setup a time to come out. Her number is: 402-555-5555. You can also reach out to me, if you are unable to get a hold of Jane.
Thank you,
John Doe

If you are a tenant and you need an advocate to help submit a formal complaint for you, you can contact the #We Don’t Slum team. Or you can reach out to the following organizations:

Family Housing Advisory Services

Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. provides a wide range of housing services including homeowner education and, in some cases, help paying rent , see  For renters who are having problems with their landlord such as failure to make repairs or if your landlord is trying to evict you without a COURT ORDER, contact their Program – The Fair Housing Center of Nebraska and Iowa immediately as this is ILLEGAL: (402) 934-6675. 

Restoring Dignity (for individuals who came to American with refugee status)

Restoring Dignity advocates on behalf of refugees in the Omaha area who are struggling with inadequate and substandard housing. They can help refugees communicate with their landlords, help get deposits back, and make formal complaints to Omaha’s city code department. For help call or text: 402-370-9777 or send an email:

Omaha Together One Community

Omaha Together One Community can help tenants who would like to make a formal complaint to the city code department to report repairs that a landlord is not making. They also provide policy advocacy and can help tenants share their stories to the state Legislature and Omaha’s city council. For help call: 402-344-4401 or send a message on Facebook