Five months of roof leaking in West Omaha rental home

Pictures just in from a West Omaha rental home. Tenant is reporting that the roof started leaking last summer. The landlord put patches on the roof, but it didn’t stop the leaking. Leaking was reported again late last year, but no one came to fix anything. For the past five months, the roof has been leaking and the ceilings have been getting progressively worse. One of the bedroom windows recently became stuck open and cannot be closed. Landlord was notified,  and no one has come out to fix it.





Holes, mold, rats and no repairs

Pictures just in from a tenant living near 40th and Dodge street. Upon moving in to the apartment, tenant discovered holes in the ceiling, mold, and could hear rats scurrying around in the ceiling…among many other things. Despite asking the landlord to come and fix things, nothing has been done….for months.

Pictures taken April 2019.








Mold and bat feces in furnace

Tenant sent in pictures and a video of ongoing struggles at an apartment near 99th and Fort street. Tenant reports that the underbody of the apartment building roof has holes in it, and birds and bats are living inside. Bat feces was found inside of the furnace. Additionally, tenant is struggling with mold throughout apartment. When the furnace turns on, white powder has been coming out of the vents, which the tenant has been vacuuming up in large quantities. Tenant also reports that since moving into this apartment, they have become very ill and are having significant health issues that were not present prior to living here.


Underbody of roof where tenant says birds and bats are living.
Vent where white powder has been coming out.
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This is the white powder that has been coming out of the vent.

Leaking ceilings and mold for 7 months

Pictures and video just in from a tenant living near 40th and Jones street. Shortly after moving in, tenant reported that the ceiling started leaking, with water streaming down the wall dangerously close to an electrical outlet. It took three months of constant reporting to the landlord before someone was sent to look at the problem. Shortly afterwards, more of the ceiling started leaking, and the wet conditions caused mold that led the tenant to get sick. Altogether, the tenant lived in these wet and moldy for SEVEN months, with no relief or permanent fixes from the landlord.


Water streaming down a wall, dangerously close to an electrical outlet
Moldy conditions in basement where shared laundry machines were kept

Mold and Asbestos forcing people out of their Omaha apartments this week — 108th and Fort

Yet another Omaha apartment complex is having to undergo an evacuation due to substandard living conditions. WOWT Channel 6 just reported that mold and asbestos was found in 40 units in an apartment complex off of 108th and Fort Street. Tenants in affected units have been given 5 days to find a new place to live.

Here is the article: