Take 1 Minute to Contact Your Senator about LB 320

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There is a bill (LB 320) going through the Nebraska Legislature tomorrow (Thursday, March 18th) that will help to ensure fair rental practices for ALL Nebraska renters!

This bill promotes fair rental practices for Nebraskans, ensures transparency in the eviction process and protects victims of domestic violence.

You can support this bill by telling the Legislature that they should support LB320. Here are some points you could consider making or include some of your own:

–> I support LB 320 because it ensures that victims of domestic violence cannot be evicted from their homes because of their victimization. Please vote for LB 320.
–> I support LB 320 because it creates more fair practices for renters during eviction proceedings.,. Please vote for LB 320.
–> I support LB 320 because it will ensure greater transparency and better align renter laws in Nebraska. Please vote for LB 320.

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