Conditions in multiple apartments off of 63rd and Taylor. Pictures taken February 2019. In three different apartments, multiple windows will not shut, so tenants have to shove foam and clothing into the gap to keep the winter air out.

IMG_7113 2
The hallway handrail broke. The solution? Tape.
IMG_5746 2
Badly deteriorated windows outside of an apartment.
IMG_5584 2
This bathroom ceiling has been leaking for a while.
IMG_5166 2
Exposed wiring.
IMG_0343 2
Exposed wiring and broken drywall.
IMG_5124 2
This sink leaks so bad the family has two containers under it to catch the leaking water.
IMG_1565 2
Sink is corroding
IMG_6343 2
Window will not shut – family has to put foam in the gaps
IMG_7070 2
Another window that will not shut